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Confused About Choosing the Right Venue for Your Next Event?

Choosing the right venue can be tricky. Experienced event planners know that the right venue and and location can make or break the success of an event. But have no fear! Bee Season is here to lead you through the venue selection process. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Event Venue. It's a lot of work but in many ways it can be the most important factor in event planning. So take the pressure off and give Bee Season a buzz. We'll make your next event buzz-worthy!


Before you get into all of the details of your event, it's important to first define your event. What is your estimated guest count? Is there a possibility there will be more guests than you anticipated? Less? What time is your event? What day? All of these factors could drastically effect your total cost so it's important to nail these down as far ahead of time as possible.


Images sent to you by the venue or on the venue's website are purposely created to make the space look large, to hide any eyesores and to show you the venue at its absolute best. Conversely, you might see pictures that aren't up to your standards but in person, the venue could be amazing. You can only get a true sense of the feel and flow of your event when you see it in person. And you'll be able to plan ahead for any obstacles or problems that could arise!

TIP 3: CHECK THE FINE PRINT Once you sign a contract, there's no turning back! Check to see what the final cost will include. Is lighting included? An amplifier and microphone? Do you have to use the venue's own caterers and rental supply services? Often, the best venues are all-inclusive but if you're working on a budget, you might be able to find ways to cut costs by renting your own linens, audio/visual equipment, etc.


Sometimes the main room of a venue might seem perfect for a particular event but what about the spill-over areas? The restrooms? Are there any outdoor areas for guests who might smoke or need fresh air? Don't focus on just one particular detail you love. Make sure the venue accommodates

all of your needs.

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